Summer In Cleveland

cleveland waterslide

On this episode of Connections Cleveland, we keep summertime fun close to home. By highlighting some of the things that make Cleveland the place to be this summer. We will take a look at places to visit, some must see events, summer camps for kids, and local food places that are a must try. Our team was able to visit various locations around the city such as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Cultural Gardens, summer camps, local festivals, and more. We also had the opportunity to speak with a mental health specialist about coping with seasonal anxiety and depression and Chef Anwar Roberts about fun summer foods to prepare. We also touch on the economic impact of LeBron James leaving for Los Angeles and the Round Robin Art Program with Brick Ceramics. 

On our podcast we’ve spoken with a few individuals from the Cleveland Area whose businesses will most likely be impacted by Lebron’s departure. We also spoke with a Financial Professor and a Tax Professional to get their point of view on what will be the future financial impact of his departure. We also high the local non-profit Project Hope of Cleveland.


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