Cannabis Is Coming

As we all know Marijuana has been a big subject over the past few years. To legalize or not to legalize has been the question. Well Cannabis Is Coming!! Making its way to the buckeye state September 2018.

Medicinal marijuana is a big deal in such states as California, Colorado, and Vermont. Ohio is next in line. 

People around the world with health issues rely on it.  Mainly, because they can’t deal with the side effects of prescription drugs, so they use medicinal marijuana for pain, loss of appetite, and to get rid of nausea.

But some critics feel it’s putting an illegal drug on the market.

Right now Brian Adams, a cannabis activist, has a petition circulating that might curb some marijuana laws. He’s pushing to decriminalize if caught with two hundred grams or less of marijuana.

 CSC Cleveland School of Cannabis is a corner stone for the cannabis world here in Cleveland Ohio. They are already working on tools of tomorrow. With a new invention called the Geo Bowl they are taking cannabis smoking a clean thing. So will decriminalizing marijuana make the ballot this year? Maybe, maybe not



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