Rock the Blocks Street Festival Growing Annually in Larchmer!

Connections Cleveland had a chance to cover the Rock the Blocks festival.

To learn more about the history of Rock the Block, Connections Cleveland spoke with the organizer of the event Ms. Kim Thomas.

DISPLAY AD REFRESHING COLLECTIVEAccording to Kim, “our goal is to serve the youth in the community. We offer mentoring, anger management, and life skills.

This is only our second year. Our first year was really a blessing. Neighborhood Progress and New York Bank had funds available and wanted us to put together something on Larchmere.

At that time they said “who could actually put it together and chair the event”, and I was selected to chair the event.

Once the funds were over, the event fell on deaf ears.

So Change Of Direction decided to step up and take over Rock the Blocks and make it an annual thing.

So we put it together this year, much larger than last year.

We had an amazing parade, a lot of elected officials, Mayor Frank Jackson, Shaw marching band was in it.

We had a total of three hundred eighty people in our parade. And what we’re expecting next year is even more people.”

With dozens of vendors showing up and with two years under their belt and a third in planning, Rock the Blocks is continuing to grow and is a must see for everyone.



Check out our podcast coverage of Rock the Blocks at


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